How to Use the Register

NOTE: Your information is important.
We do not request any of your personal information for you to find a financial adviser to help you plan your finances! Protect your information at all times.

To use the register simply enter your postcode and click the 'Search' button ‘SEARCH’

The register will forward you to the adviser list page and provide you with a list of Financial Advisers that automatically fall within a 10 mile radius of your postcode, sorted by distance and prioritised by the profile level of the financial adviser.

On this page, you can change the specified catchment area and the selection for the type of advice you require, for example:
  • Advice for yourself as an Individual
  • Advice for your Business
  • Advice for yourself as a Trustee
  • Advice for yourself as a Power of Attorney
  • Advice for yourself as a Court Deputy
  • Advice for your Charity
  • Advice for your Club or Association

The buttons shown on the profiles of the search results perform the following actions:

More Information Click here to go through to a page which provides more details about the financial adviser, to enable you to make your choice.
View Website Links you to the financial adviser’s website. The financial adviser does not have a website if no button shows.
Provide Feedback If this button shows, it is possible to provide your own feedback on the quality of their service and advice.
Contact Financial Adviser Click here to request contact from the financial adviser (Note: Only your contact details are requested and they are not stored by Trusted Financial Adviser or any of its associates)